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4 quick and dirty ways to Be Hot By Summer

Many will hit the beach and the clubs in may and june but summer doesn’t really begin til Friday, June 21. Also known as the summer solstice. That give you just slightly more than two months to be beach read especially if you plan to throw a Summer solstice party :)

The fastest ways to get in shape before bikini season is in full swing, would Be to use Shakeology in combination with any of these:

Brazil Butt Lift



Les Mills Combat


Just so happens i offer packages for those programs you can get here “Behotbysummer Challenge Packs”

Ok ok enough shameless promoting. The main things you need to do if you want to Be Hot By Summer is follow these 4 steps

1. Clean up your diet.
Get rid of the surgery drinks for drink water, Cut out the fast food and make a sandwich at home or eat some veggies. You clean your diet up you can shed 10lbs easy

2. Commit to a workout. Look i offered you 3 very good ones above , however if you don’t want to do one of those, find something you can do and stick with it. Cross it is everywhere and zumba classes are not hard to find just pick something and don’t quit

3. Find a partner
Studies show blah blah blah… look you know if your best friend is dieing with you every day in a workout, you are more likely to keep going and or push yourself to be better than them. If you don’t have a friend to sweat with, I offer online support groups.

4. Be held Accountable
You join one of my groups and i will make sure you finish, but if you don’t then post to your Facebook,google plus, or hell email us when you are starting something. That way in 60 days someone will be messaging to make sure you have stayed on track.

There you have it 4 quick and dirty ways to #behotbysummer. Now go get started!