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New Year, New Me!

Well here it is once again! It’s the new year and already through half the month! Or should I say 13 days into 2013! I lost a ton of weight a few years back then something in me got comfortable. As you can see in my After pic (“New Before” picture below), I’m not in great shape, but I was…

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I’m a Coach

What do i do for a living? “I’m a Coach” I spend my time helping people change lives. Helping women and men be hot by summer. Its a job i do from home in my spare time , that i love.  My team is full of people dedicated to making a difference If you are passionate about health fitness or helping others you should consider…

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Join the Beachbody Challenge

One of the best ways to achieve great results in anything is to form a team to get it done. When you have a small group of people focused on the same goals, with the same tools and drive by a similar desire you have a team that is unstoppable. That is why I am putting together a couple of Hot…

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The Cleanse!

Cleanse: 1. To remove dirt, filth, etc, from. 2. To make clean. Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. – Jim Rohn With everything there is a right way and a wrong way of doing things. Fact? a Cleanse does work! It’s usually a diet of strictly liquid based meals or well managed food…

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Shakeology; Fact or Fiction?

“It will help you with gaining energy, lose excess weight, naturally lower your cholesterol, tighten skin, increases hair and nail growth, aid digestion and increase regularity.” Are the claims made about shakeology real?  The simple answer is … YES. When I first heard about the meal replacement, the only thing that registered was the price. There was  no cynicism, no immediate opinion, just curiosity. What…

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When the manatee snapped..

It’s funny how life can sneak up on you. Ya know? Everything getting you so distracted that it gets easy to lose track of your self and with all the easy ways to get around eating these days its no wonder we can’t keep track! I’ve always been chubby. Bad eating growing up? Quite possible! Fact is who knows.. It…

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