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Focus on the goal!

My goal for January was to kick the new year off right. I sat down, and without any real thought or plan I decided to commit to something. That however is a story for another time. (I’m sure you’ll read about it somewhere) The point is; I failed. The question is, how? How did I fail, and how can I not fail again?

1. I failed because I had no clear direction, just an idea and a dream.
Answer? It’s easier than you think.
In a word? Goals!
Look at it like a timeline. Set small goals with clear and defined todo lists. Update these every week or every month according to your goals.
Reason? This will keep you focused and remind you what you have to do and how to get there.
2. Your diet is 70%-80% of your fight, and I didn’t plan properly.

I knew what I had to eat and when I had to eat it, however the making meals every 2-3 hours got tiresome. I didn’t know how much to buy at the store at one time and eventually I ended up falling off the wagon. It became; Running out of food, missing meals out of laziness, and eventually, “Theres nothing in the ‘fridge. One day out wont kill me.”. Enter old habits.

So then what do you do?
  • (1) Plan Ahead!
-Make your daily meal list.
-Add up each weeks worth of food and stick it on the ‘fridge!
  • (2) Cook Ahead!
-Making a weeks worth of food on (Example) Sunday night. (See “My Diet Plan”.)
-Store by meal/snack. Separate the food into baggies/cheap containers for each individual meal/snack.
  • (3) Eat On Time!
-Now all you have to do is pull properly portioned meals/snacks out and go! This takes all the thinking out of eating and one less distraction to worry about.
3. You knew it was coming. Don’t think you can get out of this one!
Exercise! For me, this became the hardest one of all. “Pushing Play”! It really is a mental game. No one likes pain. If you do that’s a whole ‘nother conversation all together! (Seek out a therapist or dominatrix. I can’t advise you on that one! ;) ) Actually, if you like pain, great! You wont have any trouble working out.
Make sure you pick the right work out. You want to like it not fall asleep to it. There are several really good ones I can recommend. (See “Programs” for some great ideas.)