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When the manatee snapped..

It’s funny how life can sneak up on you. Ya know? Everything getting you so distracted that it gets easy to lose track of your self and with all the easy ways to get around eating these days its no wonder we can’t keep track!

I’ve always been chubby. Bad eating growing up? Quite possible! Fact is who knows.. It was just who I was and that’s the way things work right? You can’t be some one your not? I sure wish someone had told me the truth when I was younger, that you CAN change. Honestly I can’t remember being smaller than 155.

Graduation came and went, with no money for college I settled into a sedentary life working in fast food to get the bills paid. Days blurred into weeks blurred into months blurred into years! I got myself up to 200 with bad food and constant depression. One random day, my fioncee Romall Smith told me he ordered this program called P90. (Same company/trainer but not to be confused with the newer P90X) I had a blast and managed to drop 30 lbs in 2 months. …Then I got pregnant.

No one told me ’till my 9th month that the baby only needed 500 calories a day and Ididn’t have to constantly stuff my face “because you’re eating for two!”. Oh, and ladies, if you don’t already know, you CAN work out while pregnant. This I didn’t know. One c-section and 6 months of bed rest later I was up to 240 lbs and my husband was DOWN over a 100 lbs through P90X!

I was feeling extremely unhealthy and looking in the mirror all I saw was a manatee.. For the record, those aren’t sexy. With all the muscle deterioration and weight gain I could barely stand from a seated possition, I got winded walking to the bathroom, and I never went outside. It was too embarrassing. I even avoided getting undressed infront of my fiancee.

Well, months of looking at a manatee’s ass in the mirror took its toll. I snapped! I needed something, anything. I didn’t care what it took.

We ordered me Brazil Butt Lift. At first I struggled through it, trying hard not to half-ass it.. or pass out. That program was the best thing that ever happened to me! It dropped me from that 240 to 170.. over 70 pounds! ..and even though I’m not in great shape yet I’m already in the best shape of my life! I’m not stopping. I’m going to push to make my body amazing because this is just the beginning, and I want to take you with me! :)