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Q: Can you create a Meal Plan for me?

A: No, I will not create Meal Plans for individuals. I highly recommend that you purchase the Club Membership, which will create meal plans for you. I’ve been a Club Member since 2007 and it’s helped me a grea deal! It’s only $2.99 per week.

Q: It’s hard to eat healthy during work. What can I do to stay committed with the diet?

A: I highly recommend Shakeology, which is our most popular product! My entire family and I drink all Shakeology and have seen excellent results from it. It has “bottom of the bag” money back guarantee so definitely worth a try

Q: How important is the diet?

A: Diet is 90% of your success.

Q: Did you follow the Nutrition Guide?

A: I was very close at times and way off at others. I did keep track of what i ate tho. You can keep track of everything by posting what you eat every day into Also, the Club Membership creates specific meal plans for you, and is something that I highly recommend.

Q: I have been following the diet and workouts to a tee, but have not lost any weight (or even gained weight). Am I doing something wrong?

A: Its common to exchange weight as you begin your transformation. You lose 1lb of fat while gaining muscle and water weight.
Best way to track your results is measurements and weekly pictures.

Q: I’m a woman and worried about getting too muscular Should I be worried?

A: absolutely not, you can’t build muscle like a bodybuilder and besides muscle is what makes those beautiful curves you see on the models in the magazines.