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5 ways to boost confidence for Summer

I think many people have it wrong. The summer is not the best time to party and enjoy your time with friends. It is also the best time to to make new friends and really make changes in your life. More romances and amazing adventures happen to you during the summer than any other time of the year. One of…

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Slap dehydration before it knocks you out!

  de-hy-drate [dee-hahy-dreyt] verb, -drat-ed, -drat-ing. -verb (used with object) to deprive (a chemical compound) of water or the elements of water. to free (fruit, vegetables, etc.) from moisture for preservation; dry. to remove water from (the body or a tissue). Signs you might be dehydrated: Thirst Dry mouth Small amounts of urine or can’t pee. Urine color is dark…

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Motivation is a T-Rex!

“The time is going to pass for all of us the same, what you choose to do with it is everything because you are either working to build your dream or someone¬†else’s” Larry Zimberg Motivation by definition “ the driving force which causes us to achieve goals.” Whether it’s doing the laundry, finishing that dreaded paper work, building a business,…

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Focus on the goal!

My goal for January was to kick the new year off right. I sat down, and without any real thought or plan I decided to commit to something. That however is a story for another time. (I’m sure you’ll read about it somewhere) The point is; I failed.¬†The question is, how? How did I fail, and how can I not…

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