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Motivation is a T-Rex!

“The time is going to pass for all of us the same, what you choose to do with it is everything because you are either working to build your dream or someone else’s” Larry Zimberg

Motivation by definition “ the driving force which causes us to achieve goals.” Whether it’s doing the laundry, finishing that dreaded paper work, building a business, or fitting in your workout, you need it to get your important tasks accomplished!
When it comes down to it, either we do what we need to do and get it over with or we procrastinate. We may push this unwanted task around much like kids might push around peas they don’t want to eat. In the end they end up eating the peas anyway, drawing it out and making it way more painful than it had to be. The question we have to ask ourselves: “What’s my motivation?” Honestly, until you have this question answered you’re not going to get anywhere, so find it and make it your goal as a reward for your “peas”.
Could it be the bikini hanging on your wall 4 sizes too small? Maybe its the shakeology or orange creamcicle recovery drink waiting in the kitchen! It could really be any number of things, but the important fact is its what you are looking forward to.
Constant interruptions can really kill motivation. Make sure you plan part of your day for necessary goals like your workout where you will have at least 30 minutes to get it done!
“Even if you are predisposed to be overweight, you are not predestined to be fat.” Timothy Ferriss
Push through that wall of fail! Yes I said it, “Wall of fail!”. Everyone has it, but not many people know where it is or how to get past it. It’s that point where mentally you start saying to yourself “That’s it, I can’t do any more.” When in truth, it’s not that you can’t, it’s that you don’t wantto do it. You haven’t really reached your bodies limits only encountered discomfort and nobody likes to be uncomfortable.

Please, by all means stop. Turn off your workout video, push that paperwork away, set the laundry basket down, give up and never finish. Is that what you want? Well no. No one wants to fail. No one wants to not succeed in something they want to achieve. Right? So that’s how you get through the wall.
When you want to stop and your telling yourself you don’t really need to finish remember that “Yes, I really do need to finish!” and “I’m only making excuses now. I’m almost done and then it’s over.” If you dont push yourself to the end, you aren’t getting through that wall of fail, and you’re only hurting yourself. You’re the one that suffers from it, no one else.

ambition, inspiration, desire, drive, encouragement, fire, provocation, push, reason, need, wish, incentive! Find yours!

Simple things that can help put it behind you:
  • Set an end reward to look forward to!
  • Make sure you have plenty of energy to want to start and finish!
  • Remove distraction!
  • Push through it with positive thoughts! “I can do this!!”