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Three Simple Diet Tips

These simple but effective tips will help you stay on track to reach your goals and be sexy by spring!!!

1) Drink up

Stay hydrated by drinking 1-2 glasses of water with every meal. If you don’t have enough water throughout the day you will gain weight and have headaches :(

2) Cover up

Keep your portions no larger than what you can cover with one hand and don’t cheat yourself by saying a little more wont hurt. 5 -6 small meals a day, is more than enough calories to keep your metabolism burning like a summer bonfire

3) Stand up

Sitting down all day at your job or when your at home can slow your digestive system to a crawl. Shakeology can help  with that but why not do what you can on you own? Try to move a little more even if its just standing up between emails or during commercials.

If you are struggling with your fitness or nutrition please make me your coach so i can help you be hot by summer!


Bonus tips!

Vegetables are free

Veggies have zero or negative calories and a ton of nutrients so eat as many as you can preferably green leafy ones!

Carbstart your day don’t pasta finish it

eat most of your carbs and starchy food in the morning so you can burn them off through out the day instead of storing them for the winter.