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Shakeology; Fact or Fiction?

“It will help you with gaining energy, lose excess weight, naturally lower your cholesterol, tighten skin, increases hair and nail growth, aid digestion and increase regularity.”

Are the claims made about shakeology real?  The simple answer is … YES.
When I first heard about the meal replacement, the only thing that registered was the price. There was  no cynicism, no immediate opinion, just curiosity. What could possiably make it worth $3.00 a serving?  What in that bag is worth a half hour of minimum wage pay? I decided to order a bag and find out.

Now I’ve sampled a lot protein powders and meal replacement shakes over the years. My favorites have always been chocolate of some kind. I was expecting the same old fake chocolate taste you have to quickly down. Instead I was greeted with what tasted very much like a chocolate brownie batter. First one was way too thick, not enough milk, second one was way too watery. It took a few shakes to get it right but now I have my masters in Shakeology ;).

  • Results:
    After a month I could feel an increase in natural energy, not the jittery caffinated feel you get from coffee. I was more alert and focused, my skin started to clear, my trips to the restroom became more regular everything about me looked and felt GOOD.

There’s really nothing more I can say about Shakeology. It has earned my seal of approval, but I’m no doctor. If you want to hear what the profesionals have to say watch the video and leave a comment below.

If you are a member of my team and serious about buying but just want to taste it first email me and i’ll send a sample out.