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How to tone up in 8 weeks, get fit for fall, Warmed up for Winter, sizzlin for spring or just be hot by summer

Find Your Fire!


Nike makes a lot of really great motivational videos. This is one of my favorites and I honestly watch this one right before every work out. It pumps me up! The lyrics get me going and the women in this video get me excited about pushing myself and making myself better. You push, you sweat, you win over…

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Work Hard Play Hard!


For some of you this is a wake up call.. for most of you this should be common sense. Whats your excuse today? got it in your head? think about it for a minute.. now look at the picture. hang on to that excuse if you want, but you’ll never look this good. Excuses don’t…

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I’m a Coach


What do i do for a living? “I’m a Coach” I spend my time helping people change lives. Helping women and men be hot by summer. Its a job i do from home in my spare time , that i love.  My team is full of people dedicated to making a difference If you are passionate about health fitness…

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Sparkle Bright In Pink!


  Every girl needs a little pink and something glittery in her wardrobe! In this case you get both!! Of course you can never have too much of either but this is a great start! Definitely a must have for the summer and will look great on any skin tone, not that that will matter…

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Show Your Wild Side!


 If you’re a fan of leopard print like I am you’re gonna love this one! A classy design that’s sharp and eye catching! Summer wear that will look hot anywhere you wanna show it off. With it’s bandeau Style and halter neck tie fastening its a cute look!! Sport it solo at the beach with or just…

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New Year, New Me!


Well here it is once again! It’s the new year and already through half the month! Or should I say 13 days into 2013! I lost a ton of weight a few years back then something in me got comfortable. As you can see in my After pic (“New Before” picture below), I’m not in…

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Lace on a high heel? Who knew!


Platform High Heel Stiletto Pump, Champagne Lace Satin Can you say yummy?! This is a sexy shoe elegant enough for the office and hot enough to wear out! Definitely a classy pick either way! ..Now i don’t know about you but that little buckle scored some points!! It’s small and simple adding just the right amount with out…

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